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In 2006 I stopped talking about the things I wanted to do with my life and started doing them. I quit my office job, sold everything I owned and moved into my car. The game plan was to wander around North America for a couple of years teaching myself photography. I got my first taste of teaching in 2007 in Costa Rica: High school english... I survived. I moved back home in 2008 and started supply teaching for district 2 while I went through the process of opening my photography business. While working for district 2 I taught everything from kindergarten to grade 12, what an experience. I vividly remember sitting cross legged in a kindergarten classroom reading a Dr. Seuss book when I suddenly realized there were forty four-year-old eyeballs hanging on my every word. I looked at the kids and said “I know you guys have no way of understanding this, but man life is crazy weird.”

I love teaching, and I had always thought about hosting my own photography course, it was one of those maybe someday dreams. I came to realize there really wasn't any point in waiting for someday: I dove in head first. My first class, Creative Decisions, launched in the fall of 2009. It was totally nerve racking. All I really had was an idea, 13 students and a room. Time flies. After three years I’ve taught over 300 students, and I've managed to write a book on digital SLR photography that should hit the shelves sometime this year.

My workshops are designed to be a noncompetitive safe environment for students to explore the world of photography. My goal for my students is simple: I want you to be proud of your photos.

I put everything I have into my lessons. I’ve literally invested thousands of hours into curriculum development. I’m always looking for ways to improve the experience for my students. I want the next class to be more interesting and easier to understand then the last one.  I do my very best to respond quickly to every student email, although I am a one man operation and sometimes I can’t be as nimble as I’d like. If a student is particularly lost we’ll go out for coffee and see if we can sort out the dilemma together (coffee and oat cake are on you).

I am a self taught photographer, and to be totally truthful I owe a lot to my students. Teaching workshops has forced me to investigate photography in very fine detail: I want to have the answers to your questions the moment you ask them. Teaching has made me a better photographer, and for that I am forever indebted.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Craig Norris

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